Re: Adjustable Workstations

From:"P. Emry"

After a bad surgery I found sitting at the counter on a high stool was not
possible.  I found 2 cabinets on wheels discarded by the dental school and
put the microtome on an angle sticking out over a corner and the
waterbath on the other..sticking out over a corner and they work great.
Looks silly, but I can get closer to the specimens and really see what is
going on on the waterbath.

I can move the tables around depending on what is comfortable at the time.
I move my chair(on wheels) back and forth or sorta crank the microtome
over my shoulder (said it looks silly) and grab a ribbon to float on the
waterbath.  If I have blocks that need icing or if they have to be on the
waterbath longer than usual, I turn completely around and fiddle with my
computer on my desk.  It's cool, really.


On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 wrote:

> Hello all --
> What type of workstation do people have for their microtome and waterbath
> set-up?  We have a standard height countertop where the microtome and
> waterbath sit side by side to each other.  We are looking at making some
> ergonomic changes at our facility and are curious as to how others have
> their equipment set up.  Does anyone have an adjustable workstation
> (referring to the countertop, not the chair.)
> (We are aware of the microtome/waterbath unit that is "all in one")
> Any replies would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Barbara Moe
> Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
> La Crosse WI

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