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From:Aidan Schurr

Hi Barbara,

I purchased some units from a local office supplies company that were designed to put monitors on.  Basically a platform with four legs that adjust from 10cm height to about 25cm.  Allows the tech to have the microtome at exactly the height they need.  I also have two techs who have their water baths raised up on small wooden platforms.  These small adjustments to the workstation have made a big difference to OOS complaints for staff.  Also purchased a DSC1 microtome for one tech, which helped her emormously.

Hope this is of some help to you.



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>>>  21/06/2002 >>>
Hello all --

What type of workstation do people have for their microtome and waterbath
set-up?  We have a standard height countertop where the microtome and
waterbath sit side by side to each other.  We are looking at making some
ergonomic changes at our facility and are curious as to how others have
their equipment set up.  Does anyone have an adjustable workstation
(referring to the countertop, not the chair.)

(We are aware of the microtome/waterbath unit that is "all in one")

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Barbara Moe
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
La Crosse WI

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