RE: retension of license!

From:"Jasper, Thomas"

Dear WArnold,

What is this license of which you speak? To my knowledge those working in
the field of histology are certified/registered. And these titles stand.
There are also those working who are not certified/registered or those who
are registry eligible. It has always been a source of irritation to my
Director of Laboratory Services that our Human Resources department
periodically asks for license information on laboratory personnel subject to
I am not trying to be picayune and perhaps you are from somewhere outside of
the US where regulations exist that I am not aware of. I am just interested
in some clarity. Thanks.

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> I have my license for immunohistochemistry and like everybody, I have to
> get 30 credits over 5 years in order to retain.  My question is how do you
> all do it or where do you get the credits.  I am so overloaded at work
> that I never have the time to take off and go to the seminars in order to
> get the credits needed! Is there a way to take classes over the internet
> or at home training or anyother way?  I would really appreciate anybody's
> comments or suggestions!  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
> This is my first try at using the histonet and hope I am sending this out,
> correctly!               Thankyou>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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