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The best way to negotiate your wage is to line up another position and then
give your current employer the ultimatum of matching the offer of the other
perspective employer or accept your 2 weeks notice.  This works but one must
be prepared to take the other position if the current employer refuses to
match the offer.  For me, this has worked exactly 50% of the time.  The
first time I tried it, (When histotechs weren't in such high demand), my
employer said "so long...been good to know you" and I found myself working
for another company.  The second time I tried it, the histotech pinch we are
now in worked to my favor and I received a better wage.  NEVER, EVER try
this if you are bound and determined to stay where you are because if your
employer refuses to pay and you still stay on, you will have no power of
negotiation in the future.

Just My Opinion,

Glen Dawson

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How do you negotiate your wages? Do you belong to a union? If so is there
web access to the Histology wages? 
This appears to be the only "legal" way for us to negotiate with our
employer. If I were to call you, and ask you what you make (as I'd done
before for years) I could be fired for collusion. Don't bother, I've checked
it out. Called Washington  DC and talked to the Anti-trust people, it's
Are there any web sites you'd recommend for Histology wages? We are on the
West Coast and have a particularly hard time because we are in a VERY
expensive area to live. For instance, an article in the local paper stated
that in October of 2001 "researchers found that $33.60/hr is the salary
required to be able to afford a two-bedroom home". I'm not close!
	Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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