RE: Whole mouse snap freezing for frozen sections

In response to Gayle Callis's wonderful support for Leica cryostat's, I
would like to clarify some points.

Leica makes a CM 3050S cryomicrotome that can cut a whole mouse.  There is
a CM 3500,which is called a cryopolycut. This instrument can cut a whole
rat body. The last one is a CM 3600 and it is called a cryomacrocut. This
cryo unit can accommodate much larger specimens. This is the most expensive
of these units. I hope this information helps.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 800 248 0123 x7267 or
email me here at Leica.


Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT
Applications Specialist
Technical Assistance Center
Leica Microsystems
800 248 0123 x 7267

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