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From:Nick Bullough

Hi all,

As Patsy says, the requirements to get in to histopath are pretty high and
the pay is very poor, hence there is a huge need for temporary staff. This
is quite lucrative, about 32000 per annum (US$47000), this is as much as
most senior managers in the lab earn.

A few who you can get in touch with are: Beresford Blake Thomas, Quality Locums and Reed Health
Professionals, I have used Reed in the past and have
been very pleased with their service. Note that many of the jobs are not
shown on the website.

The fact that you are not UK qualified does cut down on the number of jobs
open to you, but places are desperate to get anyone who can do the job,
especially in Histopath where there is a real problem with recruitment (no
on-call to boost wages, so no one goes in to the discipline and now many
staff are reaching retirement age with no younger people to fill the gaps).

As a guide to all those in the US who think they have bad pay...

Trainee BMS (Biomedical Scientist): 11,181 - 12,527 US$16,436 - 18,414
must hold a recognised honours degree and train for one or two years

BMS 1 15,244 - 18,547 US$22,408 - 27,264
Most people work at this grade

BMS 2 19,328 - 24,456 US$28,412 - 35,950
This is a 'senior', will generally have responsibility for a specific area
e.g. immuno

BMS 3 24,403 - 27,450 US$35,872 - 40,351
Also known as a 'Chief' often runs histology lab

BMS 4 28,548 - 32,113 US$41,965 - 47,206
'Senior Chief' top of the pile, often only one per hospital running all Path

Remember these wages are before deductions which come to roughly 25% of your

As a guide the average salary in the UK is about 25,000.

Now you can see why we have a recruitment problem and why locums are so much



Nick Bullough BSc(Hons) AIBMS

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it is very difficult to meet the standards required to work in histology in
the UK.  when i was there i was amazed to find that after a degree the techs
had to go thru an on the job training program for up to 2 years in order to
work at the histopathology entry level.  they did not get paid well
as trainees, about $14,000. US per year.  can you imagine requiring someone
to have a degree and train for 2 years before being able to work in
histology at an entry level in the US?

Aidan Schurr wrote:

> Hi all,
> My partner and I are off to the UK in early November for an extended
working holiday.  Can any of you UK Histonetters out there recommend a good
Histology recruiting agency that I could get in contact with?  I'd probably
be after short term contracts rather than full time permanent employment.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Aidan
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> aidan schurr
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> hutt valley district health board
> lower hutt
> new zealand
> ++64 4 570 9173 (direct)
> ++64 4 570 9214 (fax)

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