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Hi Carole,
Here's the input on our transcriptions salaries.
Low             Mid            Max
$11.99         $12.49       $14.99
$20,787        $25,963     $31,180
We've looked into voice recognition systems and so far haven't found any that would easily adapt to our needs.
We're currently looking into contracting out our Surg Path transcription, but the outside vendor was very upfront with us with the fact that they don't really want to deal with Surg Path transcription.
We hire transcriptionists, train them and they then transfer into higher paying positions where they don't have to work so hard.
Who can blame them?!

Sandy Hinton

Chief Tech Divisions of Surgical Pathology and Autopsy
Office CLS 5.541A
Phone (409) 747-2488
FAX (409) 772-9305

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Hi Histonetters,

I have another salary problem here in S.Carolina.  Besides Histo salaries being low in this state our Transcription dept is really low.  And the Lead position is almost a joke.  If ANYONE has information on this area it would be of great help.  I am over that area also and It would be very beneficial to have some idea what the rest of the country is being paid.  Many hospitals do not appreciate the work our transcriptionists do everyday besides transcription.  Their salaries certainly do not reflect it.  Any help is appreciated.

Carole Fields
Lexington Med. Ctn.
Columbia, SC

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