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From:"Dawson, Glen"

At my lab:   
Transcriptionists:   Low  $9.59       Median  $12.44/$12.70      High
If you knew the kind of tax burden Wisconsonites face, you would be even
more shocked at these numbers.
Glen Dawson
Milwaukee, WI

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Hi Histonetters, 

I have another salary problem here in S.Carolina.  Besides Histo salaries
being low in this state our Transcription dept is really low.  And the Lead
position is almost a joke.  If ANYONE has information on this area it would
be of great help.  I am over that area also and It would be very beneficial
to have some idea what the rest of the country is being paid.  Many
hospitals do not appreciate the work our transcriptionists do everyday
besides transcription.  Their salaries certainly do not reflect it.  Any
help is appreciated.

Carole Fields 
Lexington Med. Ctn. 
Columbia, SC 

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