From:Sue Barnes

We use the meditech OE interface.  We have been using it for over 1 year.
We use it only as a message server to get the patient name and tissue type.
We still do all of the specimen ordering in the Histology department.  
The order from OE just comes over as SPEC as the procedure and we add the
specimen type when it gets here.  We have over 150 specimen sources and
didn't want to give all of this to the nurses since they get very confused
over what they have.  It is good in the sense that we don't have to do all
of the demographics since this comes over the interface.  
The good thing is that once they order the specimen we have to receive it in
the module.  This way we know if we are missing anything.  The nurses
sometimes forget to order the specimens and we end up with specimens and no
orders, but this is an education thing not meditech.

If you want any specific information please email your questions and I will
try to help.

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