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From:"Hawkins, Hal K."

We have been very pleased with the image archiving and print
formatting capabilities included in the image analysis software
from AnalySIS.  All formats can be archived with comments,
including word processor files and spreadsheets.  Adjustment
of color balance and contrast are fairly convenient.

Incidentally, we use an Olympus microscope camera that
gives good results and can send the image directly, with a
2-3 second delay, or instantly write it to a memory chip.
The lab supervisor prefers to load the images directly into
computer memory, while I prefer to write them to the chip,
since I (lab director) can shoot pictures much faster that way.  

Hal Hawkins
UTMB, Galveston, Texas

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Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 2:22 AM
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Subject: Image Archiving

Hello All,

I would appreciate information from any of you in reference to what software
you use to archive your images, whether they be for gross photography,
microslides, EM,  Confocal microscopy, or data.    Also what format are they
in TIFF, JPEG, etc.? Please include what cameras you are using and what kind
of interface problems you may have had to begin with. Please feel free to
email me direct, unless others on the histonet are interested in this topic
as well.

Diane G. Miller
Miller Consultant Service

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