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From:"Morken, Tim"


ThumbsPlus ( is a very easy to use, inexpensive program for
cataloging any kind of image set. It will handle many different formats and
is easily linked to MS-Access databases. It can also be linked to other
dtabase programs through ODBC protocols. It can be used as a stand-alone
program or over a network.

We scan kodachromes, take digital images and store all on DVD's. These are
then put in a PowerFile DVD jukebox ( and cataloged using
ThumbsPlus. ThumbsPlus is linked to our Access database so everyone can
search the image database.

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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Hello All,

I would appreciate information from any of you in reference to what software
you use to archive your images, whether they be for gross photography,
microslides, EM,  Confocal microscopy, or data.    Also what format are they
in TIFF, JPEG, etc.? Please include what cameras you are using and what kind
of interface problems you may have had to begin with. Please feel free to
email me direct, unless others on the histonet are interested in this topic
as well.

Diane G. Miller
Miller Consultant Service

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