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Safranin O and toluidine blue stain the same things: all acidic substances,
not just glycosaminoglycans.  Unlike alum hematoxylin, which stains
nucleoproteins, safranin and toluidine blue stain nucleic acids.

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Safranin O stains the glyocosaminoglycans which is what the tol blue (pH
4.1) stains.  If you don't have glyocosaminoglycans present then
Safranin O with not stain.  I find that a good H&E shows the line of
demarcation best.

Karen Bowden
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John Baker wrote:

> Histonetters:
>    I have a question regarding a staining technique:
> >Does a saf O/fast green counterstain add anything to a tol blue
> >stain?  I am evaluating dimensions of a growth plate and want a
> >readily identifiable demarcation between cartilage and bone as well
> >as between the various layers of the growth plate. Distinct nuclei
> >would be an added bonus.  Thank you very muc in advance or any
> >responses.
> >
> >Dr. Ryan Frank    via John Baker
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