PR ducts


Hi Histonetters,

So, I have one pathologist who is driven absolutely crazy when the ducts in breast tissue do not stain with happens once every few hundred cases, so it is not an ongoing problem.  But the ducts do stain positive with ER, there is just - rarely - no staining anywhere in the the patient tisuue with PR.  A control which is on the same slide as the patient will stain positive for PR and look as it usually does.
We are using Ventana's PR, clone PGP-1A6 with amplification after a steam retrieval in EDTA pH 8.0.  On these rare occassions, I will send the block to a reference lab who uses Dako's antibody and they will get staining in these ducts.
...any ideas?



Ann Maruska
Fairview-University Medical Center
Mpls. MN  55454

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