Moh's lab productivity?

I work in a Dermatology Moh's Laboratory.  Our lab is currently in the 
process of evaluating and measuring each person's productivity level for each 
department.  I was wondering if anyone had any idea of how to evaluate each 
Technician's productivity and what kind of a personal goal could we present 
on which we could improve upon other than speed, accuracy of obtaining a flat 
epidermis and beautiful sections.  We receive the specimen, create a map, 
bisect the tissue and ink the margins, mount tissue and prepare frozen 
sections (which we take great pride in), stain and deliver for diagnosis to 
determine if the specimen is clear of tumor.  We perform other task within 
the Lab as well.  We work as a team in our lab.  How do you go about this 
evaluation without creating one person trying to out-produce the next person 
and turning this into a competition?

Jeanie Wade, H. T. (ASCP)

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