Leica Lynx EM Processor

From:Teresa Flores

Kathy, I also gave you a short answer.
Our lab has two Leica Lynx processors. I believe our lab was one of the
first to purchase them.
I originally had purchased another EM processor that works like the new
histo processors where all the solutions come to the vial, not a caorsel;
but the osmium fumes being emitted were terrible and the company would not
work with me.
Anwyway. We do have a Shandon Hood over our two processors, but honestly, I
don't think we need it as the hose that is placed in the vent a hood sucks
out all fumes. And this is one of the drawbacks of processing overnight, is
that the vials will evaporate when in holding patern as we use Acetone to
go from Absolute alcohol to half and half (acetone and spurr) and it will
But we have solved this problem as we have a 2 hr processing schedule for
our needle core STAT liver, kidney and pancreas biopsies. Large tissues are
processed in a program for 7 hours, which is begun earlly in am and
embedded before I leave for the day and HRLM sectioned the next day.
Hope this helps. Our Lynx just did flash an E5 which is that the carosel is
not locking, but the representatives technical help and "RIGHT THERE" when
you call or need them. Ours is David Charles and he is wonderful!
I had to stop as I just called Leica and BOOM! technical respresentative
called me right back, see what I mean!
Good luck in your decision, Leica built such great workhorses that it will
be hard to replace them as they take a licking and keep on ticking! But I
am anxious to see their new "EM" processor.

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