Large bone plastic embedding

From:Serena Leung

Can anyone tell me about some options for plastic embedding acetabulum with 
metal implants in them?  Our specimens are approximately 6"x6"x4".  We are 
currently using Ethyl Methacrylate and are running into the problem that 
our pressure tank is too small to get the specimens into it.  Finding a 
larger pressure tank has been difficult and I have been asked to look into 
other embedding methods that can be done without the pressure tank.  Any 
suggestions as to types of plastic and any protocols would be extremely 
helpful.  Also, it is my understanding that we use the pressure tank in 
order to reduce the bubbling that occurs during polymerization.  Could we 
do the polymerization of EMA in layers like some people do with PMMA? 
 Thanks for your help!


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