Histologists working in other countries. . .


Does anyone know about working in countries besides the UK?  I'd be interested to hear what kinds of regulations exists in various countries.  I'd like to work in Germany one day, if it is possible. . . or Spain or a latin american country to practice Spanish.

Anyone know anything?

One tech at my lab was telling me today about a job offer she recieved for Saudi Arabia.  She said that they would pay her 50k a year tax-free, and that they'd place her in a condo with two other women to live without any rent.  Two trips a home a year were included, as well. She ended up not taking the job after she found that she would have to wear something over her head and entire body, all day long, and do what she was told by any man(that is if a man spoke to her, as she would not be allowed to speak to them).   Sounds pretty crazy.

.... but if anyone knows anything about working in Germany, Spain, or a latin american country please write about it!


Mark Tarango

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