Hand Fatigue in Histology?

From:"Stace. Burton"

I wanted to write an e-mail to tell all of my fellow histotechs about Surgipaths new ergonomicaly correct forcepts.  Over the past year my hands have started cramping up in the morning while embedding.  I would stop & take off my gloves to stretch them & give them a good rub down after a while but still 10 to 15 minutes later they would start again.  Also in the evenings at home my hands would have a dull ache.  I had been wondering if it was the forcepts I was using or something else causing this cramping & pain.  I wondered if there were any better forcepts out there besides the ones I already had.  My Surgipath rep., Steven Burghold came by one day and showed me these great new forcepts.  So I ordered a couple of them hoping that this would stop the cramping. 
I've honestly have had no hand fatigue problems since I've been using the forcepts (1 year)they are great and I recommend them to everyone.
Thanks & Take Care,
Stacey Burton
Conway Regional Health System
Conway AR

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