Efficiency with Time

From:Fran Adams

Hi Histonetters,

Again, I would like to get information from anyone regarding work 

We have any where from 190-280 blocks per day to embedd/cut.  This usually 
includes cell blocks, Bone Marrow's(2-3 per day w/Iron & PAS), Giemsa stain. 
Both are routine everyday.

The first tech arrives at 5:30 AM and begins embedding.  The second tech 
arrives at 6:00 AM and begins cutting liver and lung biopsies, routine 

The third tech arrives at 6:30 and begins cutting.  We have the first slides 
out at 8:00 AM.  The Bone Marrow's are usually out by 10:30-11:00.

The fourth tech takes over embedding at 7:30.  The third tech is putting 
slides in oven, loading auto stainer, coverslipping and handing out slides 
until the fourth tech has completed the embedding.  Up until this time, we 
have two tech's cutting all the time with the third cutting when time 
allows.  After the embedding is completed we have three tech's cutting.  We 
do take a morning break.

What I'm thinking is that we may need to come in earlier so that the 
Doctor's are not put behind with reading the slides and getting special 
stains read.

How do other Histology Labs with this volume of work, plan their scheduling. 
  I have worked in one lab that had a tech to come in from 11-7 AM and cut 
all the biopsies and do any special stains required routinely. They had 
about 70-80 biopsies per night.  Other Labs I'm familiar with have tech's 
come in at 3 or 4 AM. We as humans, would like to avoid this if at all 
possible, but we do have to think about the patients and the Pathologist.

Thanks for any input you guys can give me.

Fran Adams, HT(ASCP)
The Medical Center of Central GA
Macon, GA

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