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From:Susan Owens

Kathy, can you be talking about "Panosteitis" otherwise know as 'Pano' to
breeders( growing pains)..It has other names as well.....What you seem to be
telling us is your 'beastie' has an inflammatory bone disease....'Pano'
involves the long bones and not joints.....The cause is not known but is
self-limiting and the animal will recover to a normal state, with or without
treatment. In the worst cases a vet can give something for any discomfort
but nothing but 'TIME' will make it go away. It's not unusual for the
limping to appear in another leg.....So don't worry if it does....Below is a
web site that might help you to better understand. Scroll down to the
several 'Panosteitis' links..Try them all. Yes they are in plain
english...But it might be a good idea to check back with your vet to see if
'Pano' is what she is trying to tell you about....I have been a
breeder/owner of award winning Labrador Retrievers for many years, starting
back in the late 1970's....I've had my share of Pano and in all cases the
animals grew into fine, healthy adults with no problems from the Pano.

Good luck with your 'beastie' ...You can contact me direct if you have any
Labrador questions and I'll try to answer or direct you to the answer. Let
us know now things turn out and give your 'beastie' a big hug.

Susan Owens,HT (TEXAS)


Date: 5 Jun 2002 23:45:56 -0500
From: "Johnston, Kathy" 
Subject: Slightly off topic

Hi Histonetters!

This question is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping some of the veterinary
medicine experts out there can help clarify something for me.

My 7 month old lab has recently been diagnosed with osteopannitis (sp.
osteopannus??) in his rear leg, and is on Metacam for the inflammation.
Now, our vet is a wonderfully smart and compassionate doc, but she has a
fair bit of trouble explaining things in understandable language!

I am hoping someone can tell me exactly what this condition is, and the
normal prognosis for my wee (80lb) beastie.

Thanks in advance!

Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
Ph - 403-670-4760
Fax - 403-270-4093

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