"instant" powdered formalin

From:John Williams

Just a quick note to see if anyone else has sampled a
product called Powdered Formalin.  One of my techs got
a sample from a gentlemen at BBC Biochemical.  It came
in 2 packets (A and B) and was very easy to mix.  "Add
Bag A to container.  Add warm water to container and
stir thoroughly.  Let sit for 15 minutes.  Add Bag B
to same container, mix, and let sit for 5 minutes." 
After that I had 10% neutral buffered formalin ready
to go!  In my opinion, it was ready before the 20
minutes was up, but figured I would follow the
directions this time.

My tech was told that the price will be about the
same, if not less, than conventional 10% formalin.

Storage is a huge factor for my lab.  With this
product I will be able to store, in a drawer, packets
which will make 40 gallons of formalin!

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