graduate student textbook

You folks are the greatest!!!!!  Histologists appear to be the most
collegial scientists in the world!  You have already been very generous in
offering advice to a non-histologist (psychologist who does some histology)
who has been trying to help other psychologists even less enlightened about
histology.  Of course no good deed goes 'unrewarded'.  Now these
psychologists are so impressed that they want me to teach a graduate level
class, to psychologists & other neuroscientists, who do not intend to become
histologists but need to do histology in the course of their research (most
psychology dept's are so poor that we can't afford to hire a histologist but
have to do our own).  So I need to find an appropriate textbook to have
students use for this.  Or even good published reviews.  I apologize, I
should probably do more homework on this first, but am really not sure where
to even start.  I was taught "hands-on"  by a histologist years ago, never
had any formal coursework in this.  We will be able to do some wetwork in
the class if that matters.  Any recommendations you might care to offer
would be very much appreciated!   Susan Bachus

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