Snook's Reticulum Stain

From:Fran Adams

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the information you sent me on Number of Techs vs. Number of 

We have recently changed for doing the Wilder's Retic to the Snook's.

For some reason we're noticing our liver biopsies washing after the silver 
solution...usually in the gold chloride.

Has anyone else seen this particular problem when staining with the Snook's 
procedure?  We do not put the sections on "plus" slides because of the 
precipitate that forms.  We have tried leaving the freshly cut sections in 
the oven for 30 minutes.

Also, when the Snook's calls for fresh ammonia, how fresh should it be?
We purchase the ammonia in 500 ml bottles.  The smaller size is much more 
expensive and we do this stain almost every day.

We would appreciate any tips you could send our way.

Fran Adams
The Medical Center of Central GA

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