Slightly off topic

From:"Johnston, Kathy"

Hi Histonetters!

This question is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping some of the veterinary
medicine experts out there can help clarify something for me.

My 7 month old lab has recently been diagnosed with osteopannitis (sp.
osteopannus??) in his rear leg, and is on Metacam for the inflammation.
Now, our vet is a wonderfully smart and compassionate doc, but she has a
fair bit of trouble explaining things in understandable language!

I am hoping someone can tell me exactly what this condition is, and the
normal prognosis for my wee (80lb) beastie.

Thanks in advance!

Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
Ph - 403-670-4760
Fax - 403-270-4093

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