Sigma Hematology Products

From:"Hinton, Sandy"

Histonet Members,
I appreciate the immediate responses I received from Sigma regarding their
Hematology (and Histology) products.
Apparently the Hematology group here had been mis-informed. I have passed
your messages on to them, and they are delighted.
The Chief Tech, over the Hematology Laboratory, at UTMB is Steve DeVine.
You can reach him at (409)772-5434.
I'm sorry for the confusion but my faith in receiving accurate and timely
input from my friends on the Histonet is strong.
In the past I've unsubscribed because of the number of messages but
when you weigh that, against the easy access to information from around the 
world, the information access wins hands down!
Thanks again to all who responded and to those who set the record straight.

Sandy Hinton
Chief Tech Divisions of Surgical Pathology and Autopsy
Office CLS 5.541A
Phone (409) 747-2488
FAX (409) 772-9305

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