Re: methyl carnoys

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    It is called "Methacarn" and was reported some years ago by Holde Putchler and her research group. You are correct, substitute methanol for ethanol in Carnoy. I suspect that the details can be found an a good Histotechnology/Microtechnique text.

"Molinari, Betsy" wrote:

Good day everyone,
Has anyone out there heard of methyl Carnoys? I am assuming that it is Carnoys where the ethyl alcohol is replaced with methyl. It has been mentioned in a protocol that is used for perfusing mouse kidneys for renin.

Any information would be helpful and if anyone has a recipe for methyl Carnoys would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Betsy MolinariHT (ASCP)

Texas Heart Institute


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