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Dr. Antonio Villanueva published a paper in Stain Technology titled:  A VERSATILE NEW MINERALIZED BONE STAIN FOR SIMULTANEOUS ASSESSMENT OF TETRACYCLINE AND OSTEOID SEAMS (Stain Technology 1989:  vol. 64, no 3, pp129-138) that discusses the MIBS in detail.  He gives his procedure as follows:

"Method of staining for microscopic examinations of osteoid, bone and marrow cells.  Can be used on both Polycut thin sections and thickedr ground sections.  The MIBS technique is also good when staining ground sections consisting of metallic or bioceramic materials withing soft and hard tissues.  It provides excellent differentiation of the different soft tissue elements".

A)  Villanueva Mineralized Bone Stain 0.75% (MIBS)
     *MIBS Powder -                   0.75 gm
       Alcohol, methanol -              60.0 ml
       Deionized or distilled water - 40.0 ml
Dissolve the powdered stain completely in the 60% methanol.  Allow the solution to stand overnight.  Filture stain before use.  keep stock refrigerated.
B)  0.25%HCl - Differentiation solution
Stock Solution
     Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid - 2.5 ml
     Deionized or distilled water -         97.5 ml

Working Solution
     2.5 HCl Stock Solution -      10.0 ml
     Deionized or distilled water - 90.0 ml

I have additional staining procedures that Dr. Villanueva generously shared with a personal friend (who in turned shared them with me while I was working for him) if anyone is interested.


"CRME (Criss Meligro)" wrote:

I have 40 grams of Villanueva Mineralized Bone Stain (MIBS) from Harrington
Arthritis Research Center in AZ however I have no information as to how to
make up the staining solution.
Has anyone ever used this stain on NBF fixed,  paraffin embedded dedalcified
Information for mineralized bone will be appreciated.... thanks!

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