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From:Bill Sinai

I am red-blue, red-green colour blind and I knew this from about 10 years of
age. As I have now worked for 34 years in Histology I have not found it to
be a major problem.  My mentor in the early years said I should judge
stained structures on morphology as well as colours.  People seem to think
colour blindness means you only see in grey shades.  This is not true as I
still see colours but not necessarily the same as most people.  I have also
found that colour blindness leads to a more acute sense of shades of

When I was studying I was fortunate enough to have lecturers and tutors who
were willing to explain to me the structures I was looking at and I was then
able to judge what colour they were for myself.

I have also been educating students for most of the 30 years since I
qualified and my colour blindness was never bought into question.

During my period in the laboratory I have know three completely colourblind
pathologist and they were by far the best morphologists I have ever met.
One in particular rarely asked for special stains as he said a good H&E said
it all. However, he has relented on IHC although he says he can't see brown
he can still see the reacive sights.

Bill Sinai
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Tissue Pathology
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> Betty, in our pathology department, and right before our CAP inspection
> (every 2 years), our Laboratory Director, will go to each lab, EM, Histo,
> Cytogenetics, Cytology, Clinical Laboratory and give each one of us a
> blind test (including pathologist). This is documented and kept in each
> ones personnel file. I am not sure if this is part of CAP questions, but I
> would look into it. Do your employees get a physical before they begin? It
> could be done there also, I would think.
> It is the same Color chart that I use to help out in my sons high school
> when we were screening for eye exams.
> Good luck, Teresa
> Does anyone have information on how to address histology techs "in
> >who are color blind?  How do you address this?  What are the established
> >criteria for screening for this in potential candidates coming in to
> >programs?
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