Re: Technical competence

I agree with Kim and I have also known a great pathologist that was
colorblind . I dont believe the original question was meant to screen these
people out anymore than you would screen someone out because they were
far-sighted but rather how to help train them to do the job with the
disadvantage. While a pathologist's training allows them not to be
dependent on color to determine cell type even in special stains it may be
an impediment to a histo tech that is checking to make sure the procedure
was carried out correctly. I would be interested in knowing what part of
the technician's job will be affected by colorblindness and the problems
that Betty has encountered.

I have actually known a couple of pathologists that were colorblind (they
both excellent pathologists)!  If a pathologist can be colorblind, I'm sure
that a histologist could be colorblind too.

Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

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