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From:Teresa Flores

Betty, in our pathology department, and right before our CAP inspection
(every 2 years), our Laboratory Director, will go to each lab, EM, Histo,
Cytogenetics, Cytology, Clinical Laboratory and give each one of us a color
blind test (including pathologist). This is documented and kept in each
ones personnel file. I am not sure if this is part of CAP questions, but I
would look into it. Do your employees get a physical before they begin? It
could be done there also, I would think.
It is the same Color chart that I use to help out in my sons high school
when we were screening for eye exams.
Good luck, Teresa
Does anyone have information on how to address histology techs "in training"
>who are color blind?  How do you address this?  What are the established
>criteria for screening for this in potential candidates coming in to
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