Re: Mouse anti-rabbit antibodies

From:Jan Shivers

I'm a bit tardy with this reply, but here are my two cents' worth anyway...
I doubt if you'll have any success in staining rabbit tissue with anti-human
CD4 and CD8.  I have never been able to get a cross-reaction with those two
human CD markers on other mammalian species (dog, cat, horse, cow, etc.).
Those monoclonals apparently are very species-specific.  Serotec does offer
anti-rabbit CD4 and CD8, but they are not listed as working in FFPE samples
(CD4 works in frozen and flow cytometry samples, but CD8 only works in flow
cytometry).  That is not to say that you couldn't try them out on FFPE, but
chances are they won't work well.

I agree with Patsy's comments re: secondary Ab and adding blocking serum.

Jan Shivers
U of MN Vet Diag Lab

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> sometimes you just have to try your m universal secondary with anti-rabbit mixed with the anti-mouse.  i would
use rabbit serum in my block as well. (10% serum from the animal being
> patsy
> Julia Friedman wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a source for mouse anti-rabbit CD4 & CD8? I will be
using them on rabbit tissue. Do you think I could get away with mouse
anti-human CD4 and CD8 on rabbit tissue? Thanks.

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