Re: Info Needed for IHC Antibodies

From:Cheryl Powell

Barbara- What machine are you doing immunos on?  Your company may offer an 
insentive or it may be easier to use their product vs another companies.  We 
use mostly Biogenex (that;s our machine) but we have some Biocare, Dako, and 
Signet antibodies as well.

>From: Barbara Murray 
>Subject: Info Needed for IHC Antibodies
>Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 15:30:51 -0800
>Hello Histonetters,
>I need some info on pricing for  IHC Antibodies  and which are easiest to 
>The list is rather long, but here goes: I am printing this  the way it was 
>given to me!
>Epithelial markers:
>AE1/AE3 (pankeratin cocktail)
>Ck 20
>CEA (monoclonal)
>CK5/6 (high molecular weight)
>Tissue Specific:
>Mesenchymal markers:
>CD45 (LCA)
>CD68 (KP-1
>Kappa light chain
>Lamda light chain
>S-100 protein
>Mib-1 (Ki-67)
>This was also added:
>Thanks for your reply,
>Vendors are welcome to call!
>Barbara A. Murray, HT. (ASCP)
>Pathology Dept.
>The Alaska Native Medical Center
>(907) 729-1804
>Anchorage, Alaska 99508

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