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that will be tough.
i would try slides precoated with 5% Elmer's type glue.  i mix the glue with dh20 and dip the slides in it, stand them up to airdry, then i use these slides to pick up the sections, dry and heat slides as usual.  for IHC you have to be aware that some antibodies will react with the glue as it is a biologically active, collagen antibodies are especially reactive to the glue.
another suggestion would be the Intermedics tape transfer system, where you pick up the section attached to tape, roll the tape/section onto a polymer coated slide, expose the slide to UV light then remove the tape and the section is left on the slide.

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I was wondering if anyone has helpful hints on keeping Hair (human) on a slide.  We have used positively charged slides, have run the slides through xylene to diH2O to remove the paraffin, and have tried microwave heat, water bath heat (95 degrees) and no heat at all for antigen retrieval.  We would like to run IHC stains, but can't seem to keep the specimen on the slide.  Any suggestions?

Thanks to all in advance!

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