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From:Melissa Jensen

Yepper to dehydration..Throw your blocks back in some ice water for a min or
2..Then proceed..Do it between levels...Works like a charm!
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Subject: GI biopsies

> I have currently been doing some routine H&E staining
> of GI biopsies on paraffin sections and have recently
> come upon a problem.  When cutting different levels,
> up to 5 levels, I notice a progressive, what appears
> to be, tearing of the tissue.  The first level comes
> out perfect and as I go through levels, the "tears"
> seem to be worse.
> We have tried different microtomes, different knives,
> and also different people cutting, with the same
> result.
> Also, we have kept the blocks cold until cut.
> The funny thing is, you can't pick the day this will
> happen.  Some days, the sections are perfect....other
> days we get this phenomenon.
> Anyone out in Histoland have any ideas?
> John
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