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From:Noreen Gilman

Christina, I do run the autostainer overnight, but I don't use the delay. I find that I use much more buffer than if I just ran the program and left it alone until the next morning. The machine keeps the slides wet with distilled water and I don't waste the expensive buffer. I've not had any problems doing this.
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>>> C Sawrenko <> 06/11/02 09:30AM >>>
Hello Histonetters,
Thanks for your timely response to our ISH pretreatment question.  I now
have another one for Dako autostainer users.  Do any of you run your
autostainers overnight using the delay option?  How often?  Any problems
encountered?  Any thrifty souls reusing the reagent vials?
Thanks in advance for your valuable input!

Christina Sawrenko
BC Cancer Agency
Vancouver, BC

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