From:Patti Loykasek

I think automation of IHC can certainly be a good thing. I think that any
instrument is only as good as the person running it. There is no true "walk
away" system. That being said, there are several issues to consider when
purchasing a stainer. How many immunos are you doing? What type of immunos -
mainly diagnostic or a lot of variable research? What is the 'total' cost of
the instrument - maintenance costs, any special slides required, purchase of
certain instrument specific reagents, etc. The devil is in the details.

I have used several different Dako Autostainers, and have been pleased with
their performance. I like the open system, ease of use & flexibility,
reliability, and tech support. Every once in a while there has been a glitch
or two. Overall, a good instrument in my opinion.
> From: "Fessler, Jim" 
> Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 09:12:40 -0400
> To:
> I am interested in looking at automated immuno stainers. Besides Ventana,
> are there any that you can recommend? thanks

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