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Our labels are xylene resistant to both the chemical and the ink.   But, we
label ours after we stain.  Our ink is on a carbon roll.
Be careful with the thermal labels.   Some of them will fade over time.
We use a Datamax Prodigy printer.   (which is not the best as it has no
guides for the labels and needs readjustments about once a month)    The
labels came from JJWild.

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> First of all, I want to thank everyone for your input on HT and HTL job
> classifications.  Now I have another query for you.
> We recently went live (April) with a new pathology system--Tamtron.  As a
> part of this new system, it is intended for the slides to be pre-labeled
> and
> run through the stainer.  They gave us what they called "Xylene resistant
> labels", which we found out only means the labels will not fall off the
> slide, doesn't mean the ink will stay on the slides.  SO they sent us
> "Xylene resistant ink ribbons" to go with our xylene resistant labels.
> Didn't work, ink came right off, even if we let them dry first, it would
> still come off.  So we had to go back to labeling the slides after we
> stained them, but if we went back to pull slides at a later date and had
> xylene on our fingers, the ink smudged.  We have tried another supplier
> who
> specifically advertises for chemical resistant ribbonless labels; done on
> a
> thermal head.  We tried these and still no luck.
> SO my question is, what is everyone else out there in histoland using for
> this purpose?  Are you labeling pre staining or after staining?  If you
> are
> doing it before you stain, what vendor are you using for your label stock?
> Thanks
> Roxanne Soto HT(ASCP)
> AP Supervisor
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