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From:Cheryl Powell

There are flash cards with numbers hidden in them that you could use.  A color blind person will see one number and a "normal" vision person will see another or not be able to see a number.  I threw off my teacher though cause I could see them all.

We have a pathologist who is slightly colorblind!  As long as it's not interferring- if you know what the color is supposed to be and what it looks like to you, I don't see why it would be a problem.  Realistically, I only look under a microscope for a total of a half hour or so tops per day to check H& E and specials/immuno controls.

Cheryl Ann Powell B.S., HTL(ASCP)
Botsford General Hospital
Farmington Hills, MI USA
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>Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:48:35 -0400
>I have been in Histology sine 1977 and am color blind. I didn't even know
>it until I went into the military. It really hasn't caused any problems. I
>do see color but have trouble distinguishing one color from another
>depending on the shade. Medium colors are fine (or at least I thik so!) I
>have never heard of anyone who just sees grays but I suppose there are
>levels of color blindness.
>If you have a color blind tech that is having problems, I would suggest that
>you sit down with them and look at some slides. I know what colors I am
>supposed to see and I know what those colors look like to me. I don't think
>that it is so important to see the right color as long as you can tell when
>it is not the right color.
>Colors may look a little different to a color blind person but its just a
>matter of them learning to recognize the right color regardles of what it
>may looks like to them.
>As an added note....
>When I was in the Navy, I was taught to read diffs in Hematology by a lab
>tech that was color blind!
>Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>Licking Memorial Hospital
>Newark, Ohio
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>Does anyone have information on how to address histology techs "in training"
>who are color blind? How do you address this? What are the established
>criteria for screening for this in potential candidates coming in to
>Betty Raiford
>Program Manager
>Charles River Laboratories
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