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Now that sound more like it!  Yes he is only 7 months old, and is growing in
leaps an bounds!  All the males in his immediate "family" are 110 lbs plus,
so I think he still has a ways to go (he's 80lbs now).  The Metacam has done
wonders (unfortunately it works too well, he ate my flowerbed edging, my
gardening shovel, and my daughter's watering can in the space of 10 minutes
yesterday!  I almost liked him better when he was a little less mobile!)

As for the Vitamin C, how would I give that to him??  A regular human
supplement?  And if so how many IU's?

Thanks again for all your help!


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Our resident vet asks
Could this be pan osteitis? This is a generalised idiopathic (no specific 
cause) inflammation of bone, which will, with anti- inflamamtory drugs, Vit 
C and time resolve of its own. Is this a growing dog?

Best regards

Louise Renton
South Africa

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>Subject: Slightly off topic
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>Hi Histonetters!
>This question is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping some of the veterinary
>medicine experts out there can help clarify something for me.
>My 7 month old lab has recently been diagnosed with osteopannitis (sp.
>osteopannus??) in his rear leg, and is on Metacam for the inflammation.
>Now, our vet is a wonderfully smart and compassionate doc, but she has a
>fair bit of trouble explaining things in understandable language!
>I am hoping someone can tell me exactly what this condition is, and the
>normal prognosis for my wee (80lb) beastie.
>Thanks in advance!
>Kathy Johnston
>Tech II - Special Stains
>Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
>Calgary Laboratory Services
>Ph - 403-670-4760
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