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From:Walzer Susan

We cut a lot of GI biopsies in our lab and as Luna used to say "rehydrate,
rehydrate, rehydrate" We keep bottles of soapy ammonia water at the cutting
stations and pour it on our ice. You can dip a gauze in this and rub on the
block surface as you cut levels. Works for us! :)

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I have currently been doing some routine H&E staining
of GI biopsies on paraffin sections and have recently
come upon a problem.  When cutting different levels,
up to 5 levels, I notice a progressive, what appears
to be, tearing of the tissue.  The first level comes
out perfect and as I go through levels, the "tears"
seem to be worse.  

We have tried different microtomes, different knives,
and also different people cutting, with the same

Also, we have kept the blocks cold until cut.

The funny thing is, you can't pick the day this will
happen.  Some days, the sections are perfect....other
days we get this phenomenon.

Anyone out in Histoland have any ideas?


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