RE: Cracked Liver Sections

From:Nick Bullough

Hi Tracey,

You may want to try using 'Mollifex' from BDH, this is a detergent/phenol
mix which very effectively softens the tissue, just place the block on it
for a few minutes (don't leave it on too long as it will ruin the block!).

I have occasionaly used this for tricky blocks and it does work a treat, if
you can't get hold of Mollifex, fabric softner is reported to work almost as

Good Luck!


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Hi All,

We are currently sectioning and H&E staining 600 paraffin embedded sheep
liver blocks for a client.  They have been fixed in 10% NBF.  We are having
terrible trouble with the tissue sections cracking after being mounted on
the slides.  We have tried floating out on tepid waterbaths, soaking in
iced water, cutting the blocks at room temperature and to no avail.  Any
ideas before I become bald from pulling my hair out?

Tracey Gunn.

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