RE: Cracked Liver Sections

From:"Pasquetto, Silvia"

Unfortunately, I had this terrible artifact many times, especially in "sick"
(with fatty vacuolation) rat livers. 
I usually cut the liver soaking it in iced water but it doesn't resolve the
problem every time. 
I realised that the oven, sometimes, makes this trouble worse because there
is an excessive drying of tissue; in those cases I prefer to leave slides to
dry at room temperature to prevent it.
Up to now, I've never found something that resolve the problem completely!

I hope this helps you.


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> Hi All,
> We are currently sectioning and H&E staining 600 paraffin embedded sheep
> liver blocks for a client.  They have been fixed in 10% NBF.  We are
> having
> terrible trouble with the tissue sections cracking after being mounted on
> the slides.  We have tried floating out on tepid waterbaths, soaking in
> iced water, cutting the blocks at room temperature and to no avail.  Any
> ideas before I become bald from pulling my hair out?
> Thanks,
> Tracey Gunn.
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