Glass disposal

From:Gayle Callis

Our campus safety office supplies the special cardboard boxes for broken
glass/slide disposal.  These are found in safety catalogs, in several sizes
and are wonderful.  This was mandated to protect janitorial service from
injury, and our lab prefers taller ones for pipettes and all other glass
waste - even slides.  These boxes don't take up much more space than a
waste basket. 

If you are putting slides containing fresh tissue frozen sections in these
boxes, it is a good idea to fix sections with formalin, rinse off NBF then
dispose of slides or some way to insure the section is safe for disposal.    

Safety office does not want glass IN with sharps/red plastic boxes.  They
collect sharps boxes separately for autoclaving/disposal of biohazardous
contamination.  Janitor disposes of glass waste boxes, easily sealed with
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