Claification: Mitotic index

From:"John C. Dennis"

Dear All:

I agree that BrdU is preferable for mitotic counts.  I use 50ug/gm body
wt.  That's about 2x excess for good incorporation and still below toxic

I thought PCNA might be better in this case since Augustin is working with
ruminants and I assumed, I confess, he's talking beef.  Even calves are
big critters and I was thinking that shooting a calf full of enough BrdU
to get good incorporation would not be cost effective and really hard to
do, besides.

John Carroll Dennis
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
109 Greene Hall
Auburn University, AL  36849

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, [UNKNOWN] Agustín Venzano wrote:

> Dear netters: I'm planning a sampling of ruminal papillae (i.e. special
> structures endowed with epithelium and lamina propria located in the largest
> forestomach of ruminants) in young cattle. The project is aimed at defining
> the growth rate of these structures specialised in nutrients absorption, so
> it is necessary to estimate the mitotic index. My questions are:
> 1.What staining would you prefer for seeing DNA and mitosis?
> 2. Do you consider c-kit to be an adequate marker of the mitotic rate
> through IHC in paraffin blocks?
> Thank you in advance
> Sincerely yours
> Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
> DVM-Pathology Group
> INTA, Argentina

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