Which Microtome?

From:Kim Carter <carter.343@osu.edu>

I work in a research lab at a major university cancer facility. My question
is what do others think is the best microtome on which to cut prostate whole
mounts ? The doctor I work for wants me to use the optimal microtome for
this job. I currently have a Microm 355. I have also used a variety of other
rotary microtomes over the years. I love the job the Microm does on the
whole mounts, but he wants me to make sure it is the best possible
instrument for this job. I have had some input on the sliding microtomes and
some say they are good for whole mounts. Does anyone out there have much
experience on this topic? One question is the wear and tear on the Microm
with the whole mounts. I know whole mounts can wear on a microtome. The Dr.
and I both feel the whole mounts I have done in the past are great, but is
there a possibility of an even better setup? I have no experience with
sliding microtomes nor with non-disposable knives. Thanks for any input
anyone may have on this subject.

Kim Carter
Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus, Ohio

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