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From:Paula Wilder <>

Thank you Histonet for all of your responses to our survey.  The summary of 
the responses are as follows:

2 slides stained with the Pap stain after centrifuging the fluid and 1 HE 
slide from the cellblock - Theresa Rohr

2 smears, 1 cytospin, 1 cell block on body fluids -

2 pap stained cytopsins, a cytopsin that was diff-quik stained plus 2 slides 
from a cell block - Carla Shoffeitt

4 smears prepared and a slide on the cell block.  Two were air-dried and 
stained with diff-quik and two were fixed in 95% alcohol and stained witha 
PAP stain.  The cell block section is stained with an HE.  If the fluid was 
scanty and a cytospin prep was used then one of each stain - Jennifer 

We do four cytospins or two double cytospins on all fluids.  Pleurals and 
peritoneal fluids also have a cell block made if possible.  On our sputums 
and thick fluids we make four smears. - Jennifer Englin

For bodily fluid a total of 5 slides.  3 cell block slides and 2 pap stains. 
  If requested we will do specials - David Low

We prepare 4 slides on body fluids, CSFs, urines, etc. - Victoria Spoon

We routinely do 2 direct smears and 2 cytospins on fluids other than urine 
and CSF. - Cheryl George

Here at St. Joseph's, Atlanta, we make one ThinPrep Pap, one ThinPrep HE and 
a cell block - Joyce Weems

We routinely do two smears and a double cytospin on all of our fluids, as 
well as a cell block. - Heidi Staman

Routinely we prepare as follows:
Pleural and peritoneal effusions: 2 airdry  and 2 ethanol fixed smears plus 
a centifuged cell block
CSF:  1 AD and 1 WF cytocentrifuge (or 2 of each if enough fluid)
Peritoneal washing: 1 ADS and 1 WF plus cell block
Cysts: (renal, ovarian, thyroid, etc) : 1 AD and 1WF cytocentrifuge - Tony 

We make 5 slides for body fluids, 4 stained PAP, 1 HE.  Cell block if 
possible - Lee Mayhew

Chest and abdominal fluids, ovarian fluids:
2 cystospin slides, 2 smears, 1 cell button
CSF, urine - 2 cytospin slides
sputum, bronch wash - 2-4 smears, 1 cell button
Bronch brush - 2 smears or 2 cytospin slides, 1 cell button if possible

Again, THANKS to all of you for your responses.  They have been greatly 

Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD

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