Re: what is the name of this Haematoxylin?

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Mayer (1896) and Langeron (1924) both published formulae with 4g hematoxylin
in conjunction with 50g alum in a litre of fluid, but they both used a
mixture of water and glycerol (700 to 300) as the solvent.  Langeron
specified 20 mL acetic acid, Mayer specified none.  Both omitted the
oxidiser.  The formula appears to be a blend of Langeron's 1924 formula with
his 1942 formula (what is usually meant when "Mayer's" hemalum is

If anyone can provide a reference I would like to put the formula on
StainsFile with all the rest.
see: and select
        Staining methods, then
        Mordanted hematoxylin formulae, then
        Alum hematoxylin solutions
Check Mayer and Langeron in particular.

Bryan Llewellyn

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Subject: what is the name of this Haematoxylin?

> Does anyone know what the name of this haematoxylin is, please?
> Haematoxylin  2g,
> Dist water  500ml
> Ammonium or pot. alum  25g
> Citric acid  0.75g
> Chloral hydrate  37.5g
> Sodium iodate  0.15g

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