Re: recycling systems

From:Stephanie Moore <>

Hi Jon,

I would highly recommend the CBG Biotech recyclers.  They also recycle
alcohols and solvents (even both in the same unit!).  That is all they
do, as opposed to BR, who dabbles in many types of machinery and doesn't
focus so much on their recyclers.  CBG's units are self-contained and
their is unparalleled customer support.  You can demo a unit FREE (all
shipping paid, set up and training (what little you need), all expenses
paid) for 30 days.  Their are compact systems that go onto a benchtop as
well. or call 800-941-9484.  They have lots of
material for you and even a video if you want!

Hope this helps :)

Stephanie Moore
Brandeis University 
Lab Mgr.
Waltham Ma 02454

"Jon C. Kerr" wrote:
> This message is especially for the manufacturing and sales people out there.
> Or anyone who is especially pleased with a formalin recycling/filtering
> system you are currently using.  I am ready to purchase a 10% NBF recycling
> system, either a distillation or a filtration system - any suggestions,
> observations or contacts would be deeply appreciated.
> Thank-you
> Jon Kerr
> Reference Pathology Services
> Sandy, Utah
> 1-800-334-8303 ext. 218

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