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We looked into this last year. A Leica sales rep, a lady, gave me the name
of a company who could whole mouse frozen sections (not autoradiography).
After pricing Leica macrocryostat to the tune of $150,000 plus that takes
up vast lab space, we tried finding a contract lab. Now here is the bad
news, this would have cost us something like $20,000/mouse (probably more!)
for serial sections.  You can call Leica for information on purchasing a
large cryostat, and reach her.  She should be able to come up with a
contract lab.  Sorry, don't have her name handy. 

There is a group in Minnesota who tracked injected enzyme labelled cells in
a live mouse - not sure exactly how they did this, antibody? onto CD4/CD8??
 (probably could do enzyme conj antibodies/your protocol) inject a
substrate that lights up, a chemiluminescent endpoint, and view the whole
body with a CCD camera.  The camera was probably cheaper than big cryostat
OR contract work, plus you could probably do more experimentation with the
animal.  It was totally elegant as is many modern technology technics! We
are still considering a camera.

Good luck. 

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