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I spent 15 years working the back of a volunteer ambulance service in
town. Ringer's solution is an electrolytic solution given intravenously
to ill/injured persons who are experiencing appreciable bleeding
(internal or external). As a  solution it causes a shift in fluids from
extracellular to vascular, thus temporarily replacing lost blood volume
(but not oxygenation) and sustaining the blood pressure until whole blood
can be transfused.  If you need some, consider asking  a ambulance or
your emergency department. 
I am dating myself terribly, but some of us who can remember "Emergency"
can remember the ER Doc directing them (paramedics, Johnny and ????)  to
"start  Lactated Ringer's" solution , usually "wide open".  Don't ask me
what the "lactated" means, please!!
Denise Long Woodward

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001 14:22:30 -0400 "Kinsley, David"
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> Hi Histonetters,
> I have a published protocol that uses MOPS-buffered Ringer's 
> solution.  I
> have MOPS but I have never heard of Ringer's solution, and cannot 
> find a
> reference to it in any text.  Does anyone have any information on 
> how to
> make this or purchase it?
> thanks in advance,
> Dave Kinsley MS,HT/HTL(ASCP) 
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> Department of Immunology 
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